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Issue #15 (Sudden Cardiac Death & Syncope)

Welcome to our 15th edition of EPSEGYPT.

Sudden cardiac death is a catastrophe وهى مصيبة الموت

In this issue we will discuss the different aetiologies of SCD and the Inherited Arrhythmogenic Diseases which contribute to SCD in different age groups.
Sometimes syncope mimics sudden cardiac death and parents pannic when they see their children collapse infront of them and then we discver that they suffer from neurocardiogenic syndrome. Then we order Tile table testing and we all become happy with the simple diagnosis.

Dr Mervat Aboulmaaty
Professor of Cardiology
Ain Shams university

1. Name: Heart Anatomy Relevant to Ablation
    By: Dr. Rania Salah

Download Link: Here

2. Name: Hybrid therapy of VT
    By: Dr. Christof Kolb

Download Link: Here

3. Name: Syncope in Elderly
    By: Dr. Hassan Khaled Nagi

Download Link: Here

4. Name: J Wave Syndromes
    By: Dr. Osama Diab

Download Link: Here

5. Name: Tilt Table Test
    By: Dr. Mervat Abulmaaty

Download Link: Here

6. Name: Inherited Arrhythmogenic Diseases
    By: Dr. Hatem Kholeif

Download Link: Here